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6 things to consider when choosing a removalist

1) Professional Accreditation

It’s crucial that your chosen removals company should be industry accredited. It helps to ensure that they are up to the job of looking after your precious belongings, and that they can work to professional standards. In Australia, the accreditation you want to look out for is AFRA – the Australian Furniture Removers Association. You should demand that your removalist is AFRA accredited, so you can put your mind at rest, safe in the knowledge they’ll do a proper job.

2) Recommendations and Reviews

Before you approach a removalist to help you move home, it’s important you do two kinds of homework beforehand.

First of all, ask your friends, family, and co-workers if they have any recommendations for removalists. Finding a company that someone you know has had a positive experience with is a great way to select a removalist.

Secondly, once you have the name of one or more removals companies to approach, start to look them up online, look at their own testimonials, and also look at third-party websites to get impartial reviews.

3) Insurance policies

Make sure your chosen removalist offers you appropriate insurance cover. We’re properly trained and professionally accredited, but sometimes accidents happen, or things are beyond our control, and you should make sure you’re adequately covered.

It is highly unusual if they don’t offer you insurance cover, and you should proceed with extreme caution if this is the case.

4) Performing estimates

A professional removalist should come and speak with you about your house move, and assess just how much stuff you have to move. This process is called an estimate.

A good estimator should be able to tell you the volume of your belongings in cubic metres, identify any potential difficulties such as access, walkways, stairways, oversized furniture, etc., and talk you through the whole process to put you at ease.

5) Fragile and special items

We all have treasured belongings, family heirlooms, rare antiques, or valuable items in our house. A great removalist should talk you through how best to pack them, how to protect them and how to take them into account in your move.

The same can be said for special items. Perhaps you have a baby grand piano up in your attic, or a huge Aga cooker in your basement, or even a Snooker table in the shed at the bottom of your garden? Whatever your special item requirements, a top removalist will plan this into your move. Nothing is too extreme to get the job done, removing windows and using pulleys and winches is not unheard of… so try us, we doubt you’ll surprise us!

6) Packing and storage

A quality removals company will be able to provide you with either your own packing materials (with instructions) or will send a specialist packing team in to help you. Whatever your budget, packing should be the utmost priority in the mind of your removalists. If it’s not, you need to worry.

The best removalists will also have a provision for storage. You could use this storage for any number of reasons. One example is if you’re downsizing and need a place to keep some special items. Another reason you might go look for storage is if your new house isn’t ready yet, or you’re moving into temporary accommodation. Whatever your reasons, a removalists’ storage warehouse has been custom designed to hold your belongings safely and securely as part of the moving process. If they don’t have storage facilities, again this should lead you to question their credibility.

In summary

Choosing the right removalist to help support you during your house move doesn’t have to be complicated. Just follow our six-point checklist, and you won’t go far wrong!

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