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A huge load of entertainment: Two Men And A Truck moves the world’s largest plasma TV

Our men recently took on the challenge of moving the world’s largest plasma TV from Sydney’s CBD to a Balmain restaurant – and won.

The client called on Two Men And A Truck after another removal company failed to complete the task with 15 men.

Operations manager Chris Cervera said moving the 220kg Panasonic television wasn’t an easy move, with the job requiring eight men and a Kennards 500kg telescoping genie lift for safety.

“It’s 103 inches, so it’s about six times bigger than your normal TV and 220kg – which is about eight times heavier,” he said.

One of the biggest challenges of the job – on level 29 in the famous Aurora Place building on Sydney’s Phillip St – was detaching the 220kg television from brackets positioned high up on a wall.

“It’s not much heavier than a piano but it’s not where we’d be lifting a piano from,” Chris said.

But with the entire job completed on a Saturday morning, the team declared the mission a success.

“It went a lot better than expected,” removalist Mario Nicolaou said.

“Once we released it off the brackets it came pretty smoothly off the forks and we tied it back onto the genie lift – it was smooth sailing.”

Two Men And A Truck used used a telescoping genie lift from Kennards Hire which is designed to hoist loads up to 500kg.

“It’s normally used on construction sites where it’s hard to get a forklift or a scissor lift – its really good because it can maneuver in tight spaces,” Mario said.

He said the moving the world’s largest TV was very different to the commercial and office moves he normally does on a Saturday morning.

“You don’t encounter a Guinness World Record TV every day, so it was pretty interesting and I’m glad I had the opportunity to be on it,” he said.

Mov-E: Watch the two-minute video of Two Men And A Truck moving the world’s largest plasma television here:

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