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Beginners Guide to Storage

What is storage?

The name is a fair give-away, but basically storage is a service we offer, where we can house your belongings in specialised containers, to make sure they’re safe, secure and well looked after, so they’ll be as good as new the next time you want to use them.

We store the containers in our custom built site, and have trained store managers on hand to make sure your belongings are as safe as houses, when stored with us.

1. Why use storage?

People use storage for a variety of reasons, it doesn’t just have to be when you move, although this is probably the most common time. Some of the main reasons for using storage include:

2. Stop Gap

Perhaps you’ve sold your house, but haven’t completed on your new house yet, and you have nowhere to take your new stuff to? We can help.

3. Moving into rented accommodation

Quite often, when people don’t have their dream house lined up, but they’ve sold their old home, they move into rented housing for a while, so they can take their time to find the perfect place. Often rentals come fully or part furnished, or just won’t fit in all your stuff, so we can help you store the rest of your belongings until you find that home you’ve always wanted.

4. Clearing Space

Perhaps you’re having building works done on the house, and want to protect your belongings? Maybe you’re giving the whole place some TLC and want to spare your furniture from any decorating accidents? Whatever your reason for temporarily clearing space in your home, professional storage is the perfect solution.

5. Renting your home

Maybe you’re going overseas for a while, or moving in with your partner, but whatever your reason, renting out your home to someone else can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you’re making money from a house you no longer live at, but on the other, your precious possessions are at risk of loss or damage. Keeping your treasured items in professional storage can offer you crucial peace of mind while you leave your home in someone else hands.

6. Our Storage vs Self-Storage

The clue is in the name, but self storage is a complete diy solution. You pack it, you deliver it, you load it, and unload it. This can be useful if you want to access items daily or weekly, perhaps if you\’re storing excess business stock, or you only have a few items to store.

However professional storage with us, takes away all the hassles of self storage, and provides you with a quality service you can rely on, to keep your belongings as safe as houses. When storing with us, aside from the professional service you’ve come to expect from us, and storage insurance as standard, you’ll also get:

Professional packing – our team of experts can help you prepare and pack your belongings to make sure they are fully protected while they are transported and stored.

Collection and delivery – We’ll pick up your belongings once we’ve packed them, and we’ll even deliver them again, when you want them back.

Sealed at your house – The container we store your belongings in will come to your house, we’ll pack the items there and then at your home, and seal them off in the container, so you can rest easy knowing that your items are safely stowed away and won’t need to be touched again until you get them back.

Inventory of goods – You might have to store your items for a few weeks, or you might need to store them for months or years. However long you store with us, we’ll provide you with an inventory of goods drawn up when we pack your storage container. This is a great reference point for you, so you can remember what you have stored with us, and know exactly where it is.

Are you thinking of putting items into storage? Two Men and a Truck are here to help. Get an online quote in seconds, or you can speak to one of our team directly on 1300 880 412 .

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