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Do You Have A Moving Essential Box Packed?


Do you have all the keys for the new property? Check that you have front and back door keys, window lock keys, and screen door or security door keys. If the property has a garage or shed, check that you have copies of those keys too, along with the remote controller for the roller door. The same applies for a letterbox with a lock on it.


Yes, there really are plenty of people who pack their wallet on moving day, only to discover they can’t find where they’ve packed it later in the day.

Important documents and paperwork:

Keep any important paperwork and documentation stored in your essentials box and transport it with you.


Be sure to pack any medications you need throughout the day into your essentials box so you have easy access to them when you want them.

Mobile phones and chargers:

The vast majority of people always have their mobile phones on them, but have you thought about where your phone charger is? Pack your phone chargers into your essentials box so you can recharge your phone throughout the day, if required.


Moving can be thirsty work, so be sure you pack water bottles or take soft drinks in an esky with you.


You don’t have the convenience of being able to open the fridge and grab a snack at the new property yet, so have some snacks pre-prepared.

Toilet paper:

Always be sure you have some handy toilet paper packed where you can find it the moment you get to your destination.


After a long day of moving furniture and unpacking boxes, you want to be sure you know where your toiletry and personal products are. Then you can shower and freshen up without having to hunt for the things you need. Pack things like towels, soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush and a change of clothes so you can clean up and relax after moving day.

Pet food and bowls:

If you’re moving with pets, check that you’ve packed food and bowls somewhere handy.

Bin bags:

Keep a supply of bin bags in your essentials box. You’ll need them to discard of any packing materials you have left over after unpacking.

Basic tool kit:

If you’ve disassembled any furniture for loading onto the removal truck, you’ll need access to a basic tool kit to put everything back together again at your destination.

Pre-pack your moving day essentials box and double check that you have everything you need to make your day easier. Then be sure you don’t load it onto the moving truck, but take it in the car with you to your destination. You’ll have easy access to the little items you need to make your moving day much smoother.

Worried that you won’t have enough time to prepare yourself? Contact us today and ask about our packing service. We can come to your home the day before the move and pack up every single item in an orderly fashion.

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