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Doing Your Own Packing? Tips For Choosing Box Sizes

Using Our Boxes

If you’re planning to do your own packing, you can still use boxes that are optimised for our methods and our trucks. Take a look at the tabs above, click on the one that says ‘boxes’ and select your state. You’ll find guidance for buying or renting the right types of boxes for a Two Men and a Truck move. For example, if you’re moving house in Melbourne, you’ll be linked to Hire a Box. They support removalists in Melbourne and in most other Australian cities, and you can usually hire boxes and return them after you’re done even if you’re planning an interstate move.

Judging Box Size and Weight

You already know some of your packing challenges: kitchen supplies, office files, clothing and media, including books, disks and any legacy collections you want to keep. Stack books neatly in relatively small boxes. Be aware of the boxes’ weight limits and stay well below them. In fact, it’s best to keep each box under 20 kilos (around 50 pounds), if possible. They should be easy to handle individually. Remember, you and your family will probably be unpacking them, too. Use the bigger boxes for lighter objects such as clothing, light fixtures, electronics and miscellaneous items.

Ensuring Stackability

Once you’ve decided which boxes to use for various types of things, you’ll want to think a little about stability and stackability. If you’ve invested in some high quality moving boxes, then you’ll have a little bit of leeway; the boxes should hold their shape under at least a little stress. However, it’s still a good idea to fill up any empty space inside them so that the boxes above them, stacked in the truck, will be less likely to crush them. For example, use clothing and linens to pad out your boxes of dishes, pots and pans. Also, make sure that fragile items are well protected, either with packing materials or with soft items.

Why Not Let Us Do it For You?

Although doing your own packing isn’t a bad idea, it’s time consuming and awkward. We always encourage our clients to consider using our packing and unpacking services. We’re fast, competent and efficient, and we’re happy to pack some or all of your things for you. Why not do the easy packing yourself and leave the more difficult tasks, such as disassembling furniture and protecting glass surfaces, to us? Click on ‘packaging materials’ above to learn more.

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