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Getting Connected: Relocating Your Phone, Internet and TV Services When You Move House

Home Phone Services

Many people use their mobile phones for almost everything these days. However, having a land line for your home phone may still be important. For example, some people connect to the internet via ADSL2+ services, which may require the existence of a home phone line. Others may have a home business operating, so connection to a land line that doubles up as a fax line may be a consideration.

Call your phone service provider and arrange for relocation of your existing services to your new address before moving day. In most cases, they’ll disconnect the old service and reconnect the new service on the same day.

Broadband and Internet Connectivity

For many households, connection to the internet is just as important as connecting to gas and electricity. The ability to transfer your existing internet service is a big consideration when moving home, so it pays to get it right.

Call your internet service provider and ask them to check your new address to confirm coverage and service availability. It’s also a good idea to check whether your internet provider requires that a dedicated home phone line is set up and active first before they’ll connect your broadband services.

Before you agree to simply shifting your existing plan over, check if a relocation fee applies. Some ISPs may also charge a cancellation fee for breaking out of your existing plan at your old address, even though you’re setting up the exact same service at a new address.

Pay TV Services

Moving your pay TV services to your new home may require a bit of coordination. It’s important you call your provider to check that the TV services you require are available at your new address.

Your pay TV provider should disconnect your old service on the date you nominate and reconnect the availability at the new address. However, if you have pay TV equipment as part of your service, you may need to follow your provider’s instructions about whether you’re able to install your services on your own, or whether you need to pay for professional installation services to get things working properly.

Remember, there may be a transfer fee involved in moving your TV services to a new address if you opt to have a professional install your equipment for you. Some service providers may also vary your existing subscription package if your new address isn’t in a serviceable area.

If possible, try to call your provider at least two weeks prior to the move. If you can, try to arrange the transfer of services a month prior, but always remember to call back and check that everything is still booked and underway a few days before the actual move.

National Broadband Network (NBN)

The NBN has been rolled out across many areas across Australia. If your new home has access to the NBN, you may need to discuss the changeover difference with your services providers.

Copper wiring will eventually be disconnected in areas where the NBN cabling has been rolled out, so if you want to keep using your phone and internet services, you’ll need to make the switch anyway. If your new home has a security alarm system or pay TV, you may also be able to connect those services over to NBN as well.

Switching your existing services over to the NBN during a move to a new address can take a couple of weeks to coordinate, so be sure to arrange everything well ahead of schedule.

Moving house is stressful enough, but there’s no need to add any additional stress by not having your services connected on time. Create a checklist of service providers to call and arrange as much as you can in advance. Ask plenty of questions and be sure you understand what’s required of you in terms of equipment and reconnection so you’re not caught short on moving day.

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