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How to move during a pandemic (COVID-19 lockdown guide)

People are the heart of our family business, so we take your welfare very seriously.

Do you feel nervous about your upcoming relocation with us, because of the health pandemic?

There’s a lot of anxiety in Australia, as we all navigate new restrictions to protect ourselves and others from the Delta COVID-19 variant.

State governments are permitting local and interstate relocations to continue as an essential service, although there are some changes to the way we operate.

We’re following all government health regulations and taking extra precautions to keep clients and workers safe from the virus – as we help people to move locally or interstate between NSW, QLD, Victoria, and the ACT.

This guide will tell you what to expect in the lead-up to your move and during it.

We hope to alleviate any fears or confusion you may have during these uncertain times.

At this stage, your move is going ahead (in a COVID-safe way)…

However, the situation in Australia is rapidly evolving.

It feels like every few days we turn on the TV and there’s new information to absorb about the lockdown and stay-at-home orders. Rules are changing frequently, so we simply don’t know if your move will be impacted or not.

Rest assured, we’re staying on top of it all, and doing our best to make sure your move goes smoothly. If a situation arises that may affect the relocation, we will notify you to work out a solution. You will also get a COVID SMS in the days leading up to your move.

Important: if you need to cancel or change the relocation due to COVID, there will be no fees.

LGA’s in NSW:

A number of LGAs are under stricter lockdown in Greater Sydney.

Our teams live outside these LGAs but we do service these hotspots, as permitted by government advice. All employees who enter the hotspots are required to get tested every three days (instead of weekly).

Please note:

  • Clients from hotspot areas must get a COVID test 72 hours before the move.
  • We know you can’t control when you receive the test results – but for logistical reasons, we need at least 24-hours notice.
  • If you send your results within 24 hours of the move, we may need to reschedule.

What COVID practices are we following?

Our teams:

  • All roadside, office employees and contractors receive the latest updates from the government and our national peak body AFRA (Australian Furniture Removers Association).
  • Staff wear masks at all times, and we use QR codes to check-in at every location. Staff are encouraged to pack lunch and snacks, to reduce the need for road stops. Only one person can exit to re-fuel the truck.
  • All of our staff and contractors undergo weekly COVID testing, as required by current health orders. They are required to stay at home and get tested, if showing any symptoms at all.
  • Personal hygiene is strictly enforced. Every employee and contractor has been educated about best hygiene practices. Trucks are stocked with PPE (gloves, masks, hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes).
  • We’ve organised backup removalist teams that don’t have physical contact with each other, in case any of our workers fall sick or are required to self-isolate. Don’t worry, we’ll always have someone available to help you move safely!
  • Our teams are fixed (when practical), to minimise the chances of the virus spreading through the company. Arrival times at the depot are staggered too. This ensures social distancing and minimises staff interactions.
  • We’ve made sure that all office personnel can work from home. You can still phone or email us to make a booking, change a booking or chat about any concerns you have.
  • Our removalist teams are still working, but will be vetted at the start of the day to make sure they don’t exhibit COVID-19 symptoms. If they do, they won’t be allowed to work.
  • All staff will self-quarantine if they’ve travelled internationally or been in contact with a suspected COVID-19 case. They won’t be allowed to return to work until they provide evidence they’ve been cleared of the virus.


Corresponding with you:

– We keep in touch with customers via SMS before the move, to make sure we’re aware of any potential cases so we can stop the spread.

– Our box delivery and collection service will now be zero contact. This is a crucial safety measure for clients, as well as our driver – who may visit up to 10 homes per day. Our driver can deliver directly to a client’s doorstep or designated area, but will not enter their home.

– All onsite quotations will now be completed via video. Please call our office on 1300 880 412 or email us at


– COVID shots: We have a list of the dates that our staff are due for their COVID vaccines. Like the rest of the country, we’re waiting to receive our shots. Although we’re classified as an essential service, we’re not given priority for vaccines.

– Most of our workers have had their flu shots and can provide a certificate as proof. We will only assign those removalists to your job, if you ask.

Other information:

– Upcoming interstate removals will be completed by rail, due to recent closures of interstate borders. We will notify our customers as soon as possible, after receiving border crossing updates from rail authorities.

– Every vehicle is disinfected before leaving our depot. Trucks are professionally cleaned three times a week.

What we ask from our clients (you):

In the past 14 days, have you travelled overseas, been in contact with a known COVID-19 carrier or exhibited symptoms such as fever or coughing? Please inform us at least 24 hours before the move so we can make the necessary arrangements.

Reminder: we will happily reschedule bookings at no charge!

We also ask that all customers exercise good health and hygiene practices.

This means:

  • Let us know that you need to reschedule if you have any flu-like symptoms or feel unwell.
  • Please wear masks and gloves in the presence of our movers.
  • Find a way to distance yourself from our movers, once they’ve started working at your home. You could isolate yourself in a room that isn’t being entered by removalists, or leave your residence for the duration of the service (lockdown requirements permitting, of course). This extra precaution is for the safety of everyone involved.

Up-to-date information for each state and territory that we service:

New South Wales (NSW):

Stay at home rules apply to people in the Greater Sydney region, which includes the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Wollongong, Shellharbour, Blayney, Cabonne and Orange local government areas.

However, people are permitted to leave their homes to “move to a new place of residence” or “between different places of residence.”

Note: you’re required to carry your NSW proof of residence when moving, to show you have a reasonable excuse.

People within the LGAs facing stricter lockdowns are permitted to relocate their homes within or outside of these regions – however Two Men and a Truck isn’t servicing these LGAs until the stricter restrictions are lifted.

Find official government information here and here.



Victoria is in a State of Emergency, so movement is restricted under Stay at Home orders.

However people are still permitted to move house locally with a removalist, if this had already been arranged. In this case, it’s a good idea to keep your proof of new residence documentation with you, in case you’re asked by authorities.

Friends and family from another household can only assist if support is needed due to age, health or disability. The Victorian government encourages locals to delay moving until after the restrictions, if possible.

If you’re moving to Victoria from another Australian state or territory, you need a permit or exemption, depending on the area that you’re travelling from. Different rules apply, depending on the location and permit type.

NSW is an extreme risk zone: travellers are not permitted to enter Victoria without a valid exemption or permit.

South Australia and ACT are red zones, so people need a special exemption or red zone permit to enter.

Certain areas in Queensland are orange zones (City of Brisbane, Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast). People coming from here must apply for an orange zone permit to enter Victoria.

The rest of Queensland is a green zone, so travellers must apply for a green zone permit to enter.

Find more information about the different zones and how to apply for a permit.


Queensland (QLD):

People in Queensland (including impacted areas) may leave their homes for any purpose, so relocations within the state may occur as normal.

Some restrictions apply for all of Queensland, such as one person per 2 square metres in indoor settings. People in South East Queensland are required to wear face masks too.

Travellers from anywhere in Australia must complete a Queensland Entry Pass three days before entering Queensland. Apply here.

There are no restrictions for people coming from Western Australia, the Northern Territory or Tasmania, unless you’ve been to an interstate exposure venue or hotspot.

New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria are hotspots, so there are restrictions and quarantine requirements.


Australian Capital Territory (ACT):

As of the 12th of August, ACT is in a 7-day lockdown and only ESSENTIAL moves can take place. That means if you are moving a whole home and need to be out by due date your move can go ahead. If you are just looking to do some decluttering or move 1 item to and from a location, these moves will have to be scheduled after the lockdown.

However, travel restrictions apply for people entering the ACT from NSW, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia. Furniture removalists are exempt from quarantine and stay-at-home requirements, so these restrictions won’t impact the delivery of goods.

Two Men and a Truck will help you to safely relocate:

Moving home can be stressful at the best of times, but even more so during a pandemic. Two Men and a Truck (TMAAT) is committed to the wellbeing of its people, customers, and communities. Our licensed professionals follow all the rules and even take extra precautions to protect the health of everyone involved.

We update this page regularly with the latest information. You can find us on Facebook too (@TwoMenAustralia).
If you have any concerns or questions, please call 1300 880 412 or email

Thanks for your patience and cooperation!

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