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How To Pack For A Storage Unit

Have a range of box options

Different boxes are designed to store different things. Use small boxes for heavy items (especially books), to ensure they’re easily lifted and larger boxes for items like clothes, pillows and pots and pans. It’s tempting to use garbage bags, but they tear easily and their lack of ventilation can result in mildew. Stack boxes so that lighter ones are on top.

Use hanging wardrobe boxes

If you’re moving in a day, you might just dump your clothes in a box and then pull them all out at the other end. However, long term storage experts say it’s important to use hanging wardrobe bags to ensure air flow around your clothes, keep them crease fee and ensure nothing is damaged when it comes time to unpack (especially if you’re partial to clothing with zippers, spikes, sequins or other items known to catch on other fabrics).

Label your boxes

Its half way through your storage rental period and you want a single item – just one… except you can’t remember which box it’s in! Keeping a thorough inventory is useful if you’re going to be storing for any period of time over one month. We recommend making lists on paper, making copies of these and then taping the copies to the side of the boxes while keeping separate copies on your person. This ensures you’re able to find anything, even if the tape fails and you end up with missing lists.

Clean your power tools

Power tools must be drained completely of any fuel and then wiped clean before storing. Most states have laws about storing hazardous or flammable materials, so be thorough in the cleaning process. Smaller tools can be packed into boxes, while lawn mowers and other larger tools should fit easily around any stacked chairs.

Dismantle everything

Bed frames, chairs, bookshelves and more can often be dismantled to create more space. If you’re nervous about dismantling, talk to your storage unit provider, as they might be able to assist for a small fee. Use packing tape to keep items together and store nuts and bolts in sandwich bags to ensure nothing gets misplaced in the process.

Ask about wine storage

Looking to store wine with your belongings? Often, storage companies offer wine storage but it is a separate cost from your storage unit, as they are stored separately to maintain optimal conditions for the wine and reduce the likelihood of a bottle smashing under the weight of a box of books.

Organise your unit

You want to maximise space in your storage units. Most are quite tall, so stack boxes high and use the space on top of furniture to add even more boxes. Try to leave an aisle, if possible, as this will allow you to access things on demand.

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