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Meet Two Men And A Truck’s Chief Estimator Sean Mayock

He’s actually travelled the world moving other people’s belongings.

“I was at university in London and I had a really good mate from Liverpool (UK) who lived in Boston,” he says.

“He asked me if I wanted come over and work for his friends father in a removal company. I didn’t even know what he was talking about.”

Since then, Sean spent 12 years backpacking around the world and packing homes into trucks along the journey.

Now, the worldwide removalist is chief estimator at Two Men And A Truck – one of Australia’s largest residential and commercial removal companies.

After many years in a range of cultures, he says he’s seen the very best to the very worst practices in the business.

“I’ve seen a lot of dodgy removalists,” he laughs. “You wouldn’t believe it.”

As an estimator, Sean meets with potential clients to accurately assess their property, items and access to provide a range of different quotes for removal jobs. The property could be a small unit or a large commercial warehouse.

He says the best part of the job is the social aspect.

“I meet so many interesting people through my work,” he says. “I wouldn’ t be able to sit in an office all day.”

Three things you didn’t know about Sean:
1. As a teenager he had a one day trial at his hometown team in Liverpool. “I got nowhere,” he says. But he did meet Kenny Dalglish – someone he would like to meet again!

2. He did a BA Honours Degree in Politics and Geography at university in the UK and wanted to become a journalist.

3. The person he admires/admired most is Nelson Mandela. “He could have come out of jail and say let’s kill every white man you can see – and he didn’t he was so passive,” he says. “For that alone he deserves a lot of credit.”


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