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Meet Two Men And A Truck’s new Operations Manager Chris Cervera

Chris began as an offsider with Two Men And A Truck back in its early years, when he was just 19.

Since then he has been a boomerang employee, leaving the company to study computer programming, but returning for the varied aspects of the industry.

Throughout his career with Two Men And A Truck, Chris has worked as a removalist, team leader, supervisor and now operations manager.

“The main things I do are quality control with contractors and employees to ensure we’re providing the best service to customers, and also coordinating the days and providing on the job training,” he said.

He’s learned a broad set of skills within the removals and transport industry including coordinating jobs out on the road, communicating with customers and suppliers – and he now has the added luxury of a desk in the office.

“I feel I know the industry pretty well,” he said.

“Over 18 years with the company I’ve got to know everybody that works here very well and developed relationships with the suppliers and all our employees.”

Chris attributes the company’s ongoing success to the family atmosphere which reflects on how employees treat each other and the clients.

“I’m really enjoying my new role. It’s good to be able to add some input into the company and I hope I’ll continue to do that for a long time into the future,” he said.

Watch the video to find out a few things you didn’t know about Chris, including:

  • what he does on the weekends
  • his favourite movie, and…
  • if he could move anyone to their new house, who would it be?

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