Moving Made Easy

Moving For Work

Ask about moving assistance

Many employers offer moving assistance packages for new employees relocating. This might be anything from a lump sum to an agreement to pay for a removalist truck and flights for you and your partner. However, you might need to explicitly ask for it in order to receive it. We know how nerve-wracking it can be asking for MORE money when we’re sure half the reason you’re moving is for a bigger pay cheque, but there’s no shame in asking – after all, no one ever got anything by sitting quietly!

Hire a removalist who will go the distance

Not all removalists engage in interstate and intercity moves, so it’s important to find someone who can not only quote accurately for the cost of a move, but also execute it without any issues and within a strict timeline. Ask your preferred removalists for testimonials and quiz them on what they do in the event of extreme weather, road closures or other incidents. A good removalist prepared for any intercity move will be across any obstacles they may face and will be willing to help you create a smoother transition from one home to the next.

Organise a rental

The best part about moving to a new city or town is exploring every nook and cranny and getting to the heart of what makes it tick. That’s why we don’t recommend buying a house until a few months after you’ve lived in your new city. Instead, find a rental close to reliable public transport and spend your weekends making the most of everything your new home has to offer. Take the train or bus to areas you’ve heard about, or even ones you’ve just seen on the public transport timetable and find somewhere that is quintessentially ‘you’ so that when it comes time to look at buying, you’re already two steps ahead.

Consider your budget

Different towns and cities have different costs of living. For instance, Sydney is a quarter more expensive than Melbourne and nearly a third more expensive than smaller cities like Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Darwin is surprisingly expensive and the cost of living rurally can vary greatly depending on location, industry and tourism. The earlier you look at cost of living, the better, as it can help you in negotiating a salary that will allow you to maintain or exceed your current quality of living. Look beyond average rent and property prices and consider petrol, supermarkets and even the cost of a pint of beer and schnitzel at the pub to understand the city standard.

Get social

You have an established group of friends back home, which is amazing – but a new city can get lonely quickly if you don’t try to actively make friends. Join meet up groups, say yes to every offer you receive (even if it’s seeing a dorky movie or visiting a restaurant you might not have picked for yourself) and invite people you meet to hang out again. Remember everyone is as anxious as you and it only takes one new friend to get the ball rolling into new friend territory.

Are you moving interstate to start a new career? Two Men and a Truck are able to arrange swift and comprehensive removalist packages up and down the Eastern Seaboard to get you settled into your new role faster.

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