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Moving With Small Children

Talk about it

As far in advance as possible, involve your children in the moving process. Tell them you’re thinking about moving and talk about why, highlighting the benefits such as bigger bedrooms, a backyard with more room to play or closer to school or a special friend. Take them to open homes and let them explore the surroundings; ask them what they liked about each place you visit.

Visit your new home together

Take a trip to your new neighbourhood and show the kids around – the parks, the cafes, the shops and even the library if there’s one. Highlight your favourite parts of the new neighbourhood and ask them to share theirs over a milkshake at whichever cafe is closest to your new home.

Read books about moving

Hit up your local library and bookstores and ask them about books where the family moves house. These stories provide an outlet to talk with your kids about their feelings towards the move and the stories, which should all have happy endings, will give them reassurance that moving isn’t too scary – it’s something to be excited about instead!

Pack a special box

Give each child an empty wine box and ask them to fill it with things they’ll want the moment they get to the new home – things like pyjamas, favourite toys, a book and perhaps their pillow. This box should travel in the car with you on moving day so that the kids are comfortable on their first night in the new home.

Treat them

While we usually frown upon bribery, in some instances there is certainly merit in promising the kids certain things for putting up with a big move. Set limitations on what you’ll promise with your spouse, but keep in mind that slightly older children will expect more – especially if the move is a significant one. Is there something they’re desperate for? Ear piercing, new video games and pets are popular bribe items for big moves, but try movie tickets, toy store visits and even new colouring in pencils for smaller moves.

Hire a babysitter

Kids under 10 quickly get in the way on moving day, so hire a babysitter or send the kids off on extended play dates with family or friends. Not only will they have an exciting day out, you’ll get your move completed in half the time and without having to worry about their whereabouts while there’s a giant truck outside and every door is open.

Let the kid’s decorate their rooms

If you own the home, let the kids pick out some paintings to hang and perhaps talk to them about painting the walls of their room in a colour they like. For rentals, we recommend posters of their favourite musicians or television shows and perhaps a cool new piece of furniture – or an old piece of furniture that you repaint to suit their personality and interests.

Moving with children can be difficult, so we offer comprehensive packages to help free up more of your time so that you can spend it doing the things you love.

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