Moving Made Easy

Moving Your Fridge, Pantry And Their Contents

Get creative in the kitchen

It’s time to get creative in the kitchen! Open your fridge and freezer and look around at the various bits and pieces in there. Frozen meat needs to be used up, as does any frozen dairy like ice cream, so create meals that fit these ingredients into them. Most families have frozen peas in their fridge, so use this opportunity to make pea risotto, pea and ham soup or even pea and haloumi fritters to use them up.

Ask your local supermarket for fruit and vegetable crates

The smaller, shallow boxes that fruit and vegetables come in at the supermarket are ideal for stacking jars of spreads and sauce, cans packets of spaghetti and other dry pantry items that you don’t need to worry about using up before moving day. These box crates are easy to stack in the back of your car to be transported to their new home.

Get an esky

Ah the magical esky. If there’s something you couldn’t use up and isn’t TOO perishable (eskies aren’t great for milk but can hold cheese happily), borrow or buy an esky and pack it with ice for the day. This is also a great place to store cool drinks to refresh you and your moving team throughout the day.

Limit your supermarket spends

Do you usually buy things in bulk? Reduce this compulsion in the lead up to a move by only buying things you can legitimately use up in the two week period before your move. Large bags of veggies, extra meat and the like can all wait until your new home – you don’t want to be trying to work out what to do with that extra kilo or two of meat you bought on special. Don’t worry, it’ll go on special again soon enough.

Host a dinner party

In the lead up to the move, host a dinner party to use up some of the contents of your fridge. Dairy products like milk, cream and cheese and any cured meats can be easily used up in dinner party recipes or antipasto platters. We recommend being conservative with how much you cook at this particular dinner party though, as the idea is to get rid of food not suddenly accumulate extra. If you’re worried about cooking too much, send people home with leftovers, or just invite your friends that you know have big appetites!

Indulge in take out on moving day

The very last thing you want to do after moving all day is cook, so don’t force yourself to. Today is the day to treat yourself to a pizza and lounge on the couch while you wait for your fridge to come to temperature However, we recommend having bread, eggs and room temperature stable spreads for breakfast the next morning (eggs and butter can sit at room temperature for a few days safely) to ensure you get back into your routine as quickly as possible.

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