Moving Made Easy

Our Guys Are the Best

They go with it

Whether it’s a small job requiring just one office removalist or a major, long-haul move that needs a large crew of our interstate removalists, our guys are ready for anything. You never know what to expect on this job, but they can deal with just about any obstacle that comes their way. In fact, they are so flexible and good-natured, they see problems not as roadblocks, but as challenges they are eager to overcome.

Clients have been amazed at the lengths our removalists have gone to get the job done; our guys basically turn into Cirque de Soleil performers to manoeuvre large furniture and bulky boxes through the tightest of doorways. In an unpredictable business like ours, finding men that can handle tough situations with good humour and determination is essential. We are lucky, indeed!

They always put in 100%

Our blokes sweat so you don’t have to…and boy, do they sweat. There is no deadline they can’t meet, no job too big and no item too heavy for the Two Men and a Truck guys to handle. They can power through the most daunting move with professionalism and speed. But that doesn’t mean they cut corners; they always make customer satisfaction a top priority and take great care with clients’ belongings. Our clients constantly compliment our removalists on how cautious and tireless they are. The work is physically gruelling, but our guys are the elite conditioned athletes of the removalist world!

They care

Our removalists care about our clients, and it shows. We get countless pieces of feedback from clients about them going above and beyond the call of duty before, during, and even after a move! These guys see you as neighbours, not just clients, and their courteousness and generosity proves it.

They are quick to share tips about your new neighbourhood or put you in touch with people that will help you settle in. They know how stressful moving house is and are patient and understanding. They are great at making you feel comfortable not just because they are experienced, professional removalists, but because they are quick with a joke and always have a smile on. It’s not just that we have great removalists, we have great guys—period.

Two Men and a Truck looks forward to having the opportunity to impress you with our great guys. Give us a call today.

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