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Pre-Move: 3 Ways to Sell Furniture


It’s no surprise that the Internet is a great resource for selling your furniture. Gumtree and Craigslist are two options, but the most popular website for classified ads varies by city, so ask around. Make sure to do your homework and search similar items on the websites to price your furniture competitively. Also consider whether your buyers will have to pick up the item or if you will be delivering; people are definitely willing to spend extra money for convenience, so if you have a friend with a truck, now is the time to call in a favour! Of course, for the best professional removalists in Melbourne, skip the loaner and give Two Men and a Truck a call.


If the online thing isn’t your scene, try walking into local businesses and see if they will let you hang a flyer. Be sure to include pull tags on the bottom with your name and phone number. A lot of people won’t go through the trouble of sifting through online bulletin boards, but when a simple ad is staring at them in the face, it’s impossible to ignore.

This is an especially good option if you are looking to sell a large quantity of belongings. If you’re moving house in Melbourne and getting rid of most of your furniture, inviting people to come browse your things is a solid way to score multiple sales. Some good places to look into hanging your flyer include university student centres, local libraries, coffee houses and even hardware stores. Just make sure to check with management before you post anything, and be polite and return a couple weeks later to take your flyer down.

Word of Mouth

Sometimes, nothing beats the old fashioned way: spread the word through friends. Consider posting an ad for your belongings on Facebook and ask friends to ‘share’ it. This will instantly get your ad dozens—if not hundreds—of viewers. Talking to friends, family, and co-workers is also beneficial. Most people prefer to get certain furniture items, like couches and beds, from someone they know, and having even a casual acquaintance vouch for you will increase your odds of selling.

However you end up selling your furniture, remember that Two Men and a Truck doesn’t just handle big jobs. We can move a single item for you, although if you follow the tips here, you might have a whole truck to fill wit items you’ve sold. Our removalists in Melbourne and across Australia can’t wait to help you unload unwanted furniture, so give us a call today!

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