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Pre-Move: the Attic, the Basement and the Garage


Do you have every school project and holiday card your kids have made? It’s time to pare down. Restrict childhood treasures to one large box per family member. We know it can be hard to toss those precious memories away, so consider asking for the help of a friend.

If you keep off-season clothing in your attic and basement, make sure you are storing it in proper clothing containers to protect it from ageing. There are loads of products out there that make it easy to shrink-wrap your clothes, which is a great way to keep out moisture and critters while it’s in storage and during your move.

As always, label, label, label. In addition to keeping details of what’s in each box in the storage spaces, consider purchasing and using clear plastic containers so you can easily see what’s inside. The clear bins will also inspire you to neatly place and organise your items instead of just randomly tossing them in.

For that antique rocking chair you inherited from your grandmother that’s sitting in your attic, make sure you read our tips on how to properly prep furniture before your move. Regardless if you are moving one house down or relying on our interstate removalists to transport your goods hundreds of miles, you always want to take extra care to prep the precious heirlooms you keep safely tucked away in the attic or basement.


Time to roll up your sleeves and dig into that mess in the garage. Go through all of your sporting equipment and toss anything that is broken or hasn’t been used in years. Store balls in mesh bags or rubbish bags before placing them in a box to prevent a major headache when unpacking. Prep bikes by removing baskets, chains and other accessories.

Tool time! Don’t bother moving tools that you never use. They are just too heavy and cumbersome to deal with if you’re not regularly using them. Try to make a few dollars and resell them, or you can donate them. Also make sure to check that everything is in working order. For the tools you do decide to move, make sure you fill out detailed insurance information on them to protect yourself in the event the unlikely occurs, as some tools can be extremely costly to replace and are both fragile and difficult to move.

There’s really no way to make tackling these areas easy or fun, so our suggestion is to just get it over with. Don’t wait to the last minute, as it will likely take you much longer than you think to go through all of the belongings that you have stored in these areas.

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