Moving Made Easy

Preparing for Storage

1. Fridge Freezer & appliances

It’s important you prepare your fridge, freezer or washing machine properly before storage. Failure to do so could potentially ruin everything in your container. First of all empty out all the food you have in your fridge or freezer (no perishables can be stored). Next unplug the appliance, and leave it to defrost (this could take several hours, and be sure to prepare for the ice to melt). Once completely defrosted, clean the entire appliance, inside and out, and make sure it’s bone dry. Any excess moisture will cause mold (which would potentially spread throughout your container). When packing away your appliance, we’ll keep the door ajar, to help ventilation and prevent mold or mildew.

2. Things you can’t store

Whilst you can happily store most things, there are a few select items we can’t take for insurance and logistical reasons: explosives, firearms, perishables, flammables.

3. Packing

If you decide to pack your own goods, there are a few key things you need to remember. First of all, use the right tool for the right job, sellotape you use to wrap gifts isn’t a worth replacement for packing tape. Don’t use newspaper to wrap your belongings as ink will stain your items (use packing paper or bubble wrap instead). If you are putting together some boxes of items, make sure all the heavy goods are on the bottom, and not on top of the box. Also don’t overfill a box or make it too heavy – a good rule of thumb is if you can move a box with your feet, then it’s the right weight.

4. Leather goods

Furniture such as sofas, chairs, and even clothing made from leather should be thoroughly treated with leather conditioner to make sure they stay fresh and supple and don\’t dry out in storage. As we all know, there\’s nothing worse than dry old leather!

5. Clothing & Textiles

Anything like towels, bed linen, and smaller items of clothing should be washed, dried, ironed and folded neatly into standard packing boxes. If you have larger or longer items such as coats, suits, dresses, or even curtains that you wish to store, then you should hang them in special wardrobe boxes. These boxes are around 4 feet high and have a rail you can hang clothing from, much like a traditional wardrobe. It helps keep your clothes hung up and crease free, just like your regular wardrobe.

Are you thinking of putting your belongings into storage? Two Men and a Truck are here to help. Get an online quote in seconds, or you can speak to one of our team directly on 1300 880 412 .

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