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Should You Move on a Weekend or a Weekday?

Case Study 1: Weekend Moves

Moving on a weekend is certainly more convenient for most people. However, removalist companies tend to book up well in advance over weekends, so it pays to book your move early. They may also charge higher rates over the weekend, so you could end up spending more than you budgeted for.

There’s also the issue of ensuring all your utilities are properly connected before moving day. If you arrive at your destination on a Saturday to find there’s no gas, no electricity and no phone or internet, you get to spend a weekend dining by candlelight until offices open again on Monday.

Besides, almost all of your neighbours at your destination are home on weekends. Many of your neighbours will be in and out of the street taking kids to sports or other activities, creating additional traffic in the street while you’re trying to unload a truck full of furniture. Those who aren’t heading out for shopping or activities are likely to be peeking through their curtains to see what you’re unloading.

There’s definitely nothing wrong with moving on a weekend. Just be sure to weigh up all your options before deciding on a firm moving date.

Case Study 2: Weekday Moves

Moving during the week often means arranging to take a day off work. However, if you’re buying a new home, chances are that settlement date is set for during the week anyway. You will have received your keys already if the property settled on a weekday, so the property will remain empty if you’re not moving until the following weekend.

Removalists are generally quieter on weekdays, so they can be a little more flexible with your times and dates. You may also find their rates are slightly cheaper on quiet days, so the money you save could make up for taking the day off work anyway.

Peak hour traffic can be a problem during weekdays, so be sure to book your move before or after peak traffic times. For example, asking the removalists to arrive at 8am can mean getting the truck packed and on the road after the worst of the traffic has subsided.

You’ll arrive at your destination while most of your neighbours are at work, so the street is likely to be quieter too. If you’re moving during the school term, the kids will even be at school, so you won’t have to worry about them getting in the way before it’s time to pick them up.

You also have the advantage of being able to call service providers during working hours if something isn’t connected correctly. The chances of getting someone to come out right away to connect gas or electricity are much higher on a weekday. Phone and internet connections are also easier to coordinate during the week.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing a moving day for your next house move. The key is to consider all your options and make your decision according to your own preferences and your schedule. Should You Move on a Weekend or a Weekday?

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