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A Simple and Convenient Way to Pay When Moving House

Introducing a Simple and Convenient Way to Pay When Moving House

Moving into a new home is exciting and we’ve made the process of paying for your move, simple, convenient and hassle-free.

Buy Now Pay Later Apps

Instead of using cash or a credit card, now you can make your payment through Zip, Open Pay.

These payment services allow you to spread your costs over a period of time. The cost is split into four fortnightly payments, instead of making a lump sum payment to us as soon as your items are delivered.

Buy Now Pay Later apps are much like a credit card where you are paying removalists fees without money coming out of your bank.

With no interest being charged, all you need to do is make sure you pay your monthly installments on time.

Apps You Can Choose

To make it easier for you, we accept payments through three of the most popular Buy Now, Pay Later Apps as follows:


The invoice amount agreed upon with us is added to your account. At the beginning of each month Zip will send you a statement, with a summary of your payments. Other payments may include any other products you may have purchased at retail or other stores during the month.

You have the option of paying back the money in full or pay it off over time. The minimum monthly payment required by Zip is $40.

Zip has two options – Zip pay for purchases under $1,000 and Zip money for purchases over $1,000.


An Openpay account can be created in under 90 seconds using their app and an approval is given upon verification of details almost immediately.

Openpay payment plans range from 1-24 month and are interest free. An initial payment needs to be made on the day of the move and subsequent payments are made in weekly or fortnightly instalments.

How to Pay With Buy Now, Pay Later Apps

Making payments using Buy Now, Pay later Apps is simple and hassle- free.

If you have never used these apps before, here is how it works:

Step One 

Choose a provider of your choice. We accept payments through the following:



Step Two 

Download the app of your choice and get approved for the service.

Step Three 

Once your move has been completed, we will send you a link via SMS to accept the agreed removalist charges.

Step Four 

Set up a payment schedule that works for you on the app

That’s it. You can now complete your move and enjoy your new home or rental premises.

Helping You Move to a New Location Convenient and Affordable

With so many removalists in Australia, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Over the years we have developed a reputation as one of Australia’s most reliable and efficient removalists.  Now with the Buy Now Pay Later option, we help you make your next move affordable and hassle-free.

If you’re looking to move now or are in the process of finding a reliable removalist, contact us here for a quote or have a confidential discussion to plan your move.

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