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Some moving feedback from Two Men And A Truck’s Moving Together program

In 2013, Two Men And A Trucalternatek officially launched the Moving Together Program, a social responsibility and community outreach program. We’d like to thank those who sent us feedback and messages of support and share some of their comments below.

Our aim through the program is to reduce our impact on the environment, raise awareness of worthwhile causes and assist community organisations.

The incentive to establish the Moving Together program was to combine the company’s charitable activities into a more meaningful model and hopefully inspire other businesses to take steps to become more sustainable.

Two Men And A Truck’s founder and brand ambassador Richard Kuipers said getting involved is a “win-win situation for our staff, our company and the community.”

“The removals industry is dependent on transport and cardboard boxes, so we felt we needed some ideas to leverage our carbon footprint,” he says.

One of the three main objectives of the program is to get involved in the broader community in activities that are not necessarily related to the removals industry, but in particular, worthwhile causes.

“Business is not just about making money, it’s about making an impact, building relationships and playing a role in the surrounding community,” Richard says.

Some of the program’s projects in the broader community have included:

Providing pro bono services to Sydney Children’s Hospital fundraising events, Daffodil Day and Pink Ribbon Day
Sponsoring the Anne Frank Exhibition currently travelling around Australia Producing a video about Holocaust survivor Joe Vissel living in Australia and his work in helping to prevent bullying in schools through the Courage to Care program.

Producing a video about two Aboriginal women, Aunty Rita and Aunty Valerie who tell their stories as ‘children of the stolen generation’

We have received some thoughtful feedback from members of the community, and have included some of their comments below:

I wish to thank you for you reflective and meaningful message this Christmas. It is sobering to watch the YouTube interview with Aunty Rita and Aunty Valerie and to be made aware that the lucky country in which I was raised
has not been the lucky country for all. But it is encouraging to see those who are not blind to the many injustices of this world, holding hope for the future. It is also encouraging, as you have observed, that there continue to be heroes who arise to be exemplars of the positive human qualities that contribute to the betterment of the world.

Thank you for showing such a compassionate and human face to business.

Thank you very, very much for this wonderful piece – I have forwarded it onto everyone I know! I was deeply moved by the video of the two aunties – it is so good to hear these stories directly and to realise the extent of the suffering of the Aboriginal people and the stolen generation.
– Ewa

Thank you Lexie for sending the moving reflection from Joe Vissel.

What a powerful recollection to share with children today through Courage to Care.
– Caroline

I showed Joe Vissel’s video to my nephew, and he has become changed

Thank you for making Daffodil Day 2013 such a huge success. Every daffodil and donation helped us grow hope for better treatments, hope for more survivors and hope for a cancer-free future. Having the support of Two Men and a Truck helped Daffodil Day run smoothly and ensured fundraising success.

To find out more about the Moving Together program or any of the stories mentioned above, please visit Two Men And A Truck at

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