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Things to Leave Behind When You Move House

Garden Plants and Fixtures

You may have spent a lot of time and money getting your garden looking just the way you want it. However, you really should leave the permanent plants and decorative fixtures in the garden for the new occupants.

Items like water features or fountains should be left behind if they’re permanent fixtures in the yard. The same is true for outdoor gazebos or pergolas, especially if they were purpose built to house a spa or hot tub.

It’s important to discuss what’s staying and what’s going with your real estate agent before you move. Buyers may base a decision about your home on the appearance of the yard. If half of the things they loved about the place aren’t there when they move in, there could be problems later.

Spa or Hot Tub

If you’ve gone to the expense of building a specific location out on the patio or deck for a spa or hot tub, chances are you’ll be expected to leave it behind for the new occupants when you move. However, if your spa or hot tub is portable and isn’t fixed into an outdoor fixture you could take it with you, providing there’s room for it at the new house.

Home Fixtures

Many owners are disappointed that they must leave some special fixtures and fittings behind in the house when they move, especially if they’ve invested a lot of money buying those things. Things like expensive light fittings and chandeliers, customised door handles, and curtains or drapes are commonly removed by some owners on moving day and replaced with standard or cheaper versions of the same things.

If you intend to take those special items with you, remove them before open inspection day so the new owners aren’t expecting to see them when they move in.


Removing a dishwasher and reinstalling it at your new place is a relatively easy job. However, your dishwasher is usually considered a fixture in your kitchen so it should probably stay for the new owners to enjoy. Besides, your new home may already have a dishwasher installed.

Plumbed-in Fridge

These days it’s common for people to have their fridges plumbed into the mains water, especially if you have an ice machine or chilled water element in your fridge. Of course you’re going to need a fridge at your new home, but what happens if there’s no available plumbing behind the fridge cavity to connect to?

Once again, this type of appliance is best discussed with your real estate agent to determine whether it should stay or go.

Over-sized Furniture

If you’re downsizing to a smaller home, chances are you may have larger furniture that won’t fit in the new house. Big items like pool tables or pianos may need to be left behind, especially if there’s no room for them at your destination.

Discuss the possibility of selling these items with the property with your real estate agent. Some agents will agree, especially if those items really highlight large rooms in your property on open inspection day, or they think potential buyers may like the inclusion. Others may ask that you dispose of them elsewhere before you move.

Knowing what to leave behind when you move out of your old home can make the entire move much easier. Think carefully when you plan your packing and work out what you really want to take with you. Then think about those things you really don’t need any more as you move into your new home, as those are the things you probably don’t need to take with you.

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