Moving Made Easy

Tips for Getting Moving Quotes

Do a tour of your own home

It’s easy to list off the main items you use every day, and even remember your hefty collection of DVDs or small figurines if they’re in a cabinet. But when was the last time you considered just how many outfits you own, or took a peek inside the shed? Take a notepad and pen with you as you take your tour, to ensure anything unusual, heavy or large is noted down for future reference. Think fake Christmas trees, outdoor furniture, large pot plants and any oversized instruments (particularly pianos and drum kits) – as all these can make a huge difference when obtaining a quote.

Talk to more than one company

Seek out a minimum of three removalist services and ask them to give you a quote. Keep a list of dot points handy so that you tell each of them the exact same information about your house, to ensure you get the most accurately comparable quotes. You’ll want to highlight anything valuable or fragile in your home, as well as discussing potential hazards such as stairs, tight corners or slippery floors. Be sure to ask about additional services and their costs before sitting down to compare each company’s offers.

Try to organise an in-house tour

By asking removalist companies to do their own tour of your home, you get the opportunity to obtain an even more accurate quote, as professional removalists are better placed to guesstimate how many cubic square metres of belongings you have than you. It also allows them to get up close and personal with fragile, heavy and unusual items, as well as check out the premises for any potential hazards that you may have missed in your own tour.

Ask about Insurance

Only Australian Furniture Removalist (AFRA) accredited removalist companies can offer a comprehensive insurance package as part of your move. This should be obtained up front, as part of the quote process, to avoid any surprises on the day, especially if you’re moving anything fragile or valuable. AFRA accredited removalists are also bound to a code of conduct, established to protect your consumer rights. You can check if a removalist is AFRA accredited by looking on the AFRA website.

Review your Estimate

Before signing or agreeing to anything, you’ll want to re-discuss the estimate, as well as any potential on-the-day cost inflations that may occur, before agreeing to signing any contract. Any contract supplied should come with an inventory list, any details about extras (such as using their boxes or packing team), as well as any information about distance and time if your move is interstate or rural. Finally, just remember to your contract thoroughly before signing.

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