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Two Men and a Truck makes a move on environmental awareness

Two Men And A Truck has begun upgrading its fleet of 30 trucks with the some of the cleanest trucks available in Australia and has implemented a hugely successful box buyback scheme. CEO Catherine Kuipers-Gambrellis says the company’s social commitment means always striving towards the most ethical relationships with customers, employees, community and the environment.

“It’s possible to make a difference simply by doing business a little bit differently,” she says.

Last month, Two Men And A Truck added two of the most environmentally efficient 14-ton trucks on the Australian market to its fleet.

“We make sure all our new trucks make a minimal impact on the environment,” Catherine says.

“Newer technology means trucks release much less carbon than 10 years ago, and regulations in Europe and Australia have become stricter.”

Two of the newer trucks in Two Men And A Truck’s fleet are the Isuzu SiTEC Series III and the Mercedes Benz Atego.

Isuzu’s SiTEC Series III engines eliminate nearly all smoke and soot previously emitted from a truck’s exhaust.

The ‘in-cylinder’ combustion technology and exhaust after-treatment processes comply with ADR 80/03 Australian Design Rules for Vehicles as well as the much more stringent EuroV emissions requirements.

Mercedes-Benz’s diesel technology uses selective catalytic reduction and an additive to reduce exhaust emissions and fuel consumption.

Two Men And A Truck has also been running a boy buyback scheme for the last five years, which encourages customers to sell their boxes back to Two Men And A Truck after they move.

“Our box-mobile delivers boxes and packing materials before the moving day. Then we offer to buy them back when they are finished with them, so we can manage the recycle process,” Catherine says.

“It means customers don’t throw out their used boxes and it reduces the need for us to buy new ones.”

Catherine’s father Richard Kuipers founded the business 20 years ago. She says the company’s commitment to its community and environmental programs is about preparing the business for future generations.

“Now it’s more [responsibility] on me and less on my dad so I want to make him proud and bring the company forward to the next generation,” she says.

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