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Two Men and a Truck measure up super trawler’s catch of the day

At Two Men and a Truck, we spend most of our time performing home removals and office relocations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and all over Australia.

But no job is too big for our fleet of 34 trucks.

That’s why we’ve become curious about one particular gargantuan issue that’s hit Australian shores.

The world’s second biggest super trawler, the Abel Tasman is docked at Port Lincoln in South Australia ready to catch 18,000 tonnes of fish in Australian waters.

According to Greenpeace, the Abel Tasman (formerly called the Margiris) is capable of processing more than 250 tonnes of fish each day.

But its plans appear to have been caught up in a net, with Environment Minister Tony Burke set to ban the 142-metre vessel from fishing in Australian waters for two years.

So, Two Men and a Truck have decided to put the scale of this controversy into perspective.

If the Abel Tasman was permitted to reel in its 18,000 tonnes of mackerel and redbait, we wonder how many men and how many trucks would be needed to transport its catch on land.

If each man can carry 32kg (maximum single-load weight advised by transport industry) and the biggest trucks in our fleet can bear 9 tonnes, what’s the answer?

562,500 men and 2000 trucks. That’s 7213 men and 28 trucks per day.
Holy mackerel, that’s a lot of seafood!

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