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Two Men And A Truck walks the green carpet to #DoGoodBetter for charities

Good360 launched its GivingPlace360 – a new online portal that connects companies that have excess technology, furniture and other items to charities and non-profit organisations that can use those products.

Two Men And A Truck has donated removal services to Good360 to help distribute the unwanted goods that would otherwise go to waste.

Good360’s non-executive director Andrew Tyndale spoke at the launch event at Sydney’s Doltone House, and described the concept as “a technology ecosystem.”

“We’re going to change the way we do charitable giving,” he said.

We’re seeing a democratisation of excess capacity, he said. “But I’m stingy and I hate waste.”

The new online portal allows businesses to list items they no longer need on the GivingPlace. Charities and non-profit organisations can browse and select items they can use to expand their programs and strengthen their impact. The items can then be delivered to the organisations.

Charities and non-profit organisations can also submit a wishlist on the portal, to call out for items they would like to be donated.

“It’s a great way to connect with communities across Australia,” said Mr Tyndale.

Two Men And A Truck CEO Catherine Gambrellis said she first got involved with Good360 late last year.

“We sent one of our biggest trucks and two men to collect a full load from businesses around Sydney and then delivered it to four charities in Canberra,” she said.

“It’s making a difference on multiple levels because it helps charities, and it helps prevent waste and its impact on the environment.”

Ms Gambrellis says the concept complements Two Men And A Truck’s social responsibility program, Moving Together.

“We started our Moving Together Program so we can mobilise our services to help worthwhile causes in the community,” she said.

“We also try to reduce our environmental impact and carbon emissions by using newer and more fuel-efficient trucks, and we have a box buy-back system so the boxes can be reused.”

“By helping Good360 we’re also helping other charities to help others, so there’s a flow on effect of goodwill,” she said.

Find out more about Good360’s GivingPlace at

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