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Upsizing: When it’s Time to Move to a Bigger Home

Upsizing to a Bigger Home

Not everyone is able to renovate or extend their existing family home. If you live in an apartment or unit, you don’t have the option of adding a new bedroom or extending out into the yard to create extra space.

Likewise, your first family home may have been built on a compact, low-maintenance block of land that was convenient at the time. Yet a growing family often needs a larger yard, so even if you did build up and add a second storey you’d still have the original compact block of land around it.

Upsizing to a bigger home allows you to take advantage of a larger plot of land as well as maximising living space for your growing family’s needs.

Upsizing Your Furniture

Moving up to a larger home often means planning to upsize the furniture too. If you’re currently living in a smaller property and you have a new baby on the way, chances are you’ll be buying lots of nursery furniture for the new family addition.

Of course, if you’ve been living in cramped conditions for a while as the kids got older you’re likely to have plenty of furniture squeezed into the house already.

If the furniture you already have doesn’t fit in the new home, it may be easier to sell the old items and think about buying more suitable replacements after the move.

Take some time to think about how much furniture you already have and work out where it will all fit in the new property. You’ll have a much better perspective on how much more you need – or how much you need to get rid of before the move.

Plan for Lag Time between Buying and Selling

In a perfect world you’ll have a buyer already lined up to purchase your current home before you buy your next one. There’s also the problem of you finding your dream home first and then not being able to find a buyer for your old property in time to meet settlement date.

No matter which way you aim at your upsizing move, always plan for some lag time between buying and selling. Check with your removal company about temporary storage options for your belongings while you’re waiting on settlement. You can also check whether your bank offers bridging finance to help you get past the short-term financial gap between buying and selling.

Storage often comes up as an issue during a residential or commercial removal. So much so that we have storage facilities in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to take care of the goods that you don’t need for now. Contact us today on 1300 880 412 and see how we can help make your move easier.

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