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Using the Right Packing Materials to Make Moving House Easier

Boxes and Cartons

Most people know they can find boxes and cartons to start packing your belongings into at the local supermarket or hardware store. However, many of those boxes may not be suitable for packing your things ready for a house move.

Ask your removal company whether they can supply sturdy boxes in a variety of sizes and shapes. Small, heavy items like books should be stored in smaller boxes, files and paperwork should be stored in archive boxes, while lighter, larger items can be packed into bigger boxes for convenience.

Custom Packaging

There are times when some things won’t fit into regular boxes. For example, you may have paintings or prints or bottles of wine than need to be moved safely. Rather than risk damaging those items, consider buying custom packaging to protect them in transit.


Most removal companies will have some padding and blankets ready in the truck to help protect your furniture. However, if you have furniture that could scratch easily while in the truck, think about finding some additional padding to pack between each piece as its being moved.

Butcher’s Paper

It’s common for many people to save their newspapers for a few weeks prior to moving house so they can be used for packing. However, newspaper print rubs off and can permanently damage some delicate items. You could also be creating additional work for yourself, as you’ll end up washing most items to remove the smears of black newspaper ink as you unpack everything at the other end.

You can buy rolls of butcher’s paper relatively easily from a variety of stores. Your removal company should also have packing paper available.

Packing Tape and Dispenser

After you’ve packed each box, you’ll need to seal it so the contents are secure. Buy some heavy duty clear packing tape and a dispenser to make the task quicker and easier for you.

Bubble Wrap

Ideally, your fragile items should be packed in bubble wrap. The layer of insulation provides cushioning and protection while you’re moving. Things like glassware, crystal, crockery, and ceramics are easily broken, so reduce the risk of damage by buying a roll of bubble wrap.

Space Saving Vacuum Bags

Packing clothing, linen and bedding can take up much more room than most people expect. Folding clothes from your wardrobes or drawers and placing them in boxes or bags can mean using up those resources that could be better used elsewhere. The same is true for bulky items, like quilts, pillows, towels and other large items.

Alternatively, you can store some items in vacuum bags. The idea behind vacuum bags is to remove the excess air space around those big items. You effectively reduce their size, making them easier to store and reducing wasted space in your removal truck.

Felt-Tip Marker Pens

Buy some thick marker pens or textas so you can label each box clearly. Write down which room each box goes into and jot notes about the contents of each box on the top. There’s nothing worse than going through unmarked boxes when you’re unpacking to find the things you need.

By using the right packing materials, you can reduce the chances of your possessions getting damaged in transit to your new home. Talk to your removal company about whether they can help you locate the best packing materials to suit your needs.

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