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What NOT to Pack into the Removalist Truck When Moving House

Dangerous Goods

The Dangerous Goods Act outlines multiple items that may be illegal to transport unless you have the appropriate licensing or equipment to safely move them. Some items may have a high risk of causing injury or even death to the people involved in moving your furniture and belongings. Other items may be classified as hazardous if they pose a risk to the environment due to chemical or physical properties. If you have dangerous goods around your home that can’t be moved to the new property, always dispose of them safely and responsibly before moving day.

Some dangerous goods that should not be packed or transported by your removalist company include:

  • Pool chemicals
  • Fireworks
  • Motor oil
  • Paint thinners
  • Car batteries
  • Paints
  • Fuel
  • Acid
  • Aerosols, lighter fluids, or other highly explosive items

There are even some common household and gardening items that may be considered dangerous due to their chemical properties. These include:

  • Fertilisers
  • Weed killers
  • Some household cleaning chemicals

You may also need to take some additional care when preparing and packing some gardening items before they’re loaded into the truck. Chainsaws, axes, gardening clippers, shears, pitchforks and other sharp items need to be wrapped securely to avoid causing injury. Sharp objects also pose a risk of damaging other goods during transit if they’re not wrapped securely before the move.

If you have other gardening items, such as lawn mowers or fuel-driven whipper-snippers to move, these can be packed into the removalist’s truck. However, you should always ensure you empty the fuel and oil before transporting these items.

If you’re moving a barbecue or patio heater run on LP Gas, double-check with your removalist about transporting your LPG bottles to your new home. Some companies may advise that the bottles are emptied safely by a professional before packing and moving. Others may advise that they can be transported under strict conditions.

Important or Confidential Documents

Everyone has important documents that should never be packed together with regular household belongings. Things like your birth certificates, passports, bank statements and account details should always be transported with you in your own car to avoid the risk of loss or identity theft.

Important Medication

Even if you only use your medications rarely, it’s a good idea to pack them separately to your other belongings. Items such as asthma inhalers or nebulisers, anti-histamines, insulin, epi-pens or other important medications should travel with you on moving day. If you keep a first aid kit in your home, pack it into your car and keep it nearby in case it’s needed.


Professional removalists will take every necessary precaution to ensure your belongings are packed and transported safely and with as little damage as possible. However, there are some valuable and irreplaceable items that should never be packed into the removalist’s truck. Think about any sentimental items you’d hate to lose if they were damaged or lost during the move and pack those items so they travel with you.


There are some occasions when your removalists will not transport pot plants during your move. For example, if you’re moving interstate there may be quarantine restrictions on certain types of plants crossing the border.

Pot plants also can’t be stacked neatly into the back of a truck like boxes or other furnishings, so they take up more room. There’s also the problem of potentially leaking water if you’ve watered your plants recently. Water leaking from your plants could damage other items in the truck.

The safest course of action on moving day is to discuss any items you’re unsure about with your removalist company. They can advise you about safe packing and preparation of any items you want to move to your new home and remove any doubt.

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