Moving Made Easy

What to consider when moving your small business into an office

Find a place that’s just a bit bigger than what you need

Moving offices is already a hassle, so why would you want to make a habit of it? Move into a space that can handle the business expanding further in the future, even if only up until a certain point. After all, you no doubt have milestones set out for your business, so why wouldn’t you set your office space up to help motivate you to achieve them?

Consider your Employees

How do your employees get to work each day? No doubt many of them take public transport, so ensure you’re located convenient to a reliable bus or train line to help decrease the disruption to their lives. You’ll also want to consider office spaces not too far from food outlets, a supermarket and perhaps even a shopping centre so that they can enjoy their breaks. Offices with kitchens, toilets and even showers can also make the move for your team that little bit easier to handle.

Write out a timeline

You probably use timelining as part of your everyday business needs, so why not use it effectively while moving too? Make a list of things that must be achieved by certain dates, including securing new premises, letting your suppliers know, moving your utilities across, letting clients know and updating any public information with your address listed on it.

Hold a Sale

If your business sells a physical product, the stock of which will be moving with you, host a big sale in the weeks leading up to the move to help move stock and make the move a little lighter. Not only will this allow you to start afresh when you move, it’ll also save on time during the move as you’ll have infinitely less boxes to lug. For those businesses not selling a physical product, take this time to go through your office’s belongings and perform a massive clean out for the same benefits.

Hire Professionals

If you want your move to be over and done with as quickly as possible, hiring a professional team to pack and relocate your business not only takes the burden off yours and your employees hands, it also ensures the move sees everything arriving at its new designated area as quickly as possible. This also frees up your employees to work from home, or on the go, to keep your business ticking over and to attend to any client needs.

Be Flexible

As much as we all want to think that a move won’t be a big deal, there is likely to be a delay or two along the way. Whether that’s the internet not being reconnected in time or a new piece of furniture failing to arrive, prepare for the worst and work around it. Your business has endured far worse speed bumps along the way for it to grow to this point, and it’s your innovative thinking that got it this far – so we already know there’s nothing you can’t handle.

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