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What to tell your removalist before the big move

The layout of your next home

Your removalist visited your current home and did a tour? Excellent. But they have zero idea what your new home looks like. If you already have the keys, we suggest taking them on a tour of your new home as well. Beyond that, take note of staircases, narrow hallways, side paths and even how the front gate latches and hand all this information, along with a floor plan if you have one, over to your removalist so that they can plan for the day.

Parking restrictions

Most suburbs, especially inner city ones or those near shopping/public transport hubs often have parking restrictions, and they can be quite strict. Take note of any parking restrictions at both your old house and your new, as the last thing anyone wants to do on a highly stressful day is cop a fine or two.

Local terrain

On the topic of parking and trucks, you will need to discuss the terrain around both houses, including narrow streets, steep inclines, large dirt areas (likely to become muddy when wet) where access may be limited by either the truck or the team of removalists. In this instance, they may suggest one or two smaller trucks, rather than a single large one. Overhanging trees can also cause access issues, so make sure you look upward when making these assessments.

Your settlement date

If you’re moving interstate or to a new city, it can so happen that your furniture arrives before the settlement goes through, especially if there was a last minute delay with the settlement. Let your removalists know your planned settlement date and be prepared to book in for storage if there are any issues that cause a delay in you obtaining the keys to your new home. For moves within the same city, we highly recommend booking the removalist for a few days after your settlement to avoid this issue.

If you’re moving in and/or out of an apartment building

Apartment building moves are often subject to a strict set of rules as laid out by Strata (The Body Corporate or apartment manager). Restrictions can apply to use of staircases, use of elevators at certain times or they might grant access to a service elevator. By talking to your removalist about this, both parties can ensure they have the right paperwork and information complied before approaching Strata to ensure the entire process is smooth.

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