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Why Choose an AFRA Accredited Removalist?

What is AFRA About?

The Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) is the official regulatory body for the removals industry. The aim of AFRA is to offer the public protection and guidance to ensure any move is conducted safely and with minimal risk.

AFRA also keeps a close eye on removalists to ensure their equipment and trucks meet strict safety standards. Removal staff members also need to abide by Australian Work Safety regulations to reduce the risk of injury while they’re moving your furniture from one place to the next.

AFRA Training

AFRA accredited removal companies have access to training systems that ensure they operate by high industry standards. Personnel also agree to abide by the industry’s Code of Conduct, so you know they’re working in your best interests.

The moving company you choose will have been regularly audited for compliance, so you know your belongings aren’t being put at risk on moving day. You also have the peace of mind of knowing your furniture will arrive at your destination safely and not vanish without explanation.

Regular Inspections

Keeping removal trucks in good working condition is only a small portion of a removalist’s responsibility. AFRA’s guidelines extend to checking the quality of other moving equipment too, such as forklifts. The organisation also conducts regular inspections of the removal company’s offices to ensure that standard operating criteria is met.

Not everyone wants to move all of their furnishings into new premises immediately. In fact, some people need to use storage facilities temporarily. The audit process also checks that any storage facilities abide by strict criteria to be sure all furnishings and belongings are properly protected.

Public Liability Insurance

AFRA members are required to have public liability insurance policies in place for at least $10,000,000. The removal company can also help to arrange the right transit insurance to cover your belongings before, during and after the move. Without the right insurances in place, a simple move from one home to another could become a very expensive exercise.

Professional Dispute Resolution

If you’ve hired a removalist company and you encounter a problem you can’t resolve, you have the benefit of being able to contact AFRA for help with dispute resolution. An AFRA staff member will work towards mediating a fair resolution for all parties involved. If the attempt isn’t successful, they may choose to operate using an independent disputes tribunal to determine the outcome of the problem.

There are plenty of ways to minimise the amount of emotional, financial and physical stress of moving day. When it’s time to book your removalist, make sure the company you choose is AFRA accredited. You know your possessions are protected and the move will be as smooth as possible because you’re dealing with professionals.

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